5 Misconceptions About Styling Your Hair With Wax

Hair waxes have been the trend for a long. Despite its popularity, many of us refrain from purchasing it. There are many hair styling wax misconceptions that we relate to. We often think about hair wax side effects and let go of our wish to style our hair. But is all the knowledge true? Can we use hair wax daily? Are there some side effects like hair loss? We have covered 5 of the common misconceptions about hair styling wax to bring clarity to your purchase decision.

  1. Expensive hair-styling waxes are better

We often connect every product we use with a brand name. In the case of hair styling wax, the only thing it might do is create a bigger hole in your pocket. Always select the hair wax based on your hair texture and hair length. Read the details about the wax and focus on the kind of look you want to sport. It can be glossy or matt.

  1. Hair wax can replace hair spray

Both hair wax and hair spray are two different products. Hair wax is for styling and hair spray is for holding the style. Hair wax has its stay. If you want to carry your hairstyle for a long time then you have to first use the hair wax to style it and then apply the hair spray to continue the setting of the hair. You can use the ballistic hair styling wax by Zlade for prolonged hair stay and then apply hair spray. Wax plus spray is the best combination.

  1. Hair wax makes hair greasy

Hair wax may look shiny but it does not make the hair greasy. You can choose the hair wax based on the look you want. Adopt a good hair care routine to remove the hair wax from hair after you are done with the hair styling. Brush the hair to remove the hair wax. Then apply a gentle shampoo to rinse off any hair wax left in the hair. This way you can ensure that the hair remains non-greasy even after applying hair wax to style your hair.

  1. There are permanent hair wax side-effects

Hair wax has been associated with side effects such as hair loss. This is not true. Hair wax does not cause permanent hair loss. However, people who are undergoing such issues should refrain from using hair wax. A good Hair wax does not contain alcohol that can be harmful to the hair follicles. One should follow a good hair wax removal routine to let the hairs retain their natural health whilst using hair wax for styling. Using good shampoo and conditioner are the other important measures that should be taken by people who regularly use hair wax.

  1. Anyone can pick up any brand

The hair wax is made of different types of chemicals. You may be allergic to some of the components. Take a hair wax and apply a minimal amount. Check for irritation and allergies. Continue only after you do not feel any kind of side effect. Read the ingredients before purchasing the wax and go for the hair wax with safe ingredients.

There are many hair styling waxes in the market. You can try them to see the effect. Zlade brings to you some great products. Zlade hair styling wax and hair styling cream are great products to be applied to short and medium hair. You can easily rinse them off and keep the hair soft and moisturized. Visit our website to purchase the best hair styling wax at affordable rates.

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