• Simple Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men to Try on Their Own

    There is a lot of buzz around hairstyles for men. Everyone loves a David Beckham but can everyone sport it? Simple hairstyles that require low maintenance and time are taking over the men’s fashion industry. We can safely say that the haircut trends for men are evolving with the look as well as the convenience. Another reason is social media. Each one of us...
  • Smart Ways To Tackle Patchy Beard Growth

    Smart Ways To Tackle Patchy Beard Growth
    You might have started growing your beard to have a full luscious type and look your best. In that quest, you would have completely shaved your beard to let your hair grow. But hey! Will your facial hair grow as per your wish? Is one clean shave all you need to grow your beard? Your beard is composed of thousands of hair that have...
  • Trimming Vs Shaving – Which Is Right & Where?

    Trimming Vs Shaving – Which Is Right & Where?
    Foamless shaving gel is a new men's grooming brand that promises to give you a close shave without irritation or razor burn. The secret ingredient is a special blend of natural oils that moisturize and soften skin. This shaving cream has become very popular because it provides a smooth and comfortable shave. It also helps prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. What is the...
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