Indians On Manscaping, Intimate Grooming & Hairy Men: Desis Discuss Pubes

Indians On Manscaping, Intimate Grooming & Hairy Men: The #ZladeBallistic team is out on the streets of India to find out what and how much our desi folks know about #manscaping, what women think about men's #intimategrooming, and how comfortable Indians are talking about their personal preferences when it comes to subjects like #bodyhair, #intimatehygiene, #sexappeal, hairy balls, and #pubichair!

Watch this video to find out what Indians from varied backgrounds and demographics have to say. From college students and psychologists to homemakers and doctors, from IT professionals and chai-walas to bankers and couples, we asked a wide spectrum of random people about their views on the subject - and the responses are a fantastic mix of hilarious, witty, honest, diplomatic, and FUN!

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