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Best Eyebrow Grooming Tools

Best Eyebrow Grooming Tools

Our eyebrows define our eyes and face. From giving a wild look to your eyes to a well-groomed appearance to your face, eyebrows can define every feature. Eyebrows need regular maintenance and grooming unlike any other part of the face.

Not many of us would like to visit the parlor just for getting our eyebrows done. We choose to do it ourselves which makes an eyebrow grooming kit very important. You will come across numerous eyebrow grooming tools in the market. Which one should you use? It can be very confusing. Grooming tools are a personal choice. Some may like the conventional way of threading and others might prefer trimmers. It depends on the ease of using them.

Let's take a look at the best eyebrow grooming tools that you can have in your grooming kit.

1. Eyebrow Threading

It would be no offense to refer to the threading kit as an eyebrow grooming tool. This decade-old traditional method is practiced all across the globe for shaping eyebrows. A long piece of thread is tied at the ends and twisted in a way that the eyebrow hairs come out from their roots. Personal threading tools are available in the market which can be single-handedly used for threading one's own eyebrows.

Tips for first-time eyebrow threading

  • Get a professional to do it as the hair-pulling has to be from the roots
  • Discuss the eyebrow shape with your brow artist
  • Be ready for slight pain and redness
  • Go makeup-free for threading

2. Eyebrow Scissors

Eyebrow grooming starts with cutting down the long and excess hairs. Eyebrow scissors have small size and curved tips. The tips are curved to give an angular direction while cutting the brows. Available at every beauty corner and drugstore, brow scissors are a necessary eyebrow grooming tool.

3. Tweezers

Tweezers are used to shape the eyebrows with precision and perfection. They help you remove every hair separately without leaving the tiniest hair behind. You can choose to keep your eyebrows in any shape with tweezers. The best part is their availability in every general store and beauty corner.

4. Eyebrow Trimmer

Trimmers have taken the beauty industry by storm. They are battery-operated, handy, and lightweight. They are very easy to use. Eyebrow trimmer pens are widely used to shape eyebrows. You can turn it on and run on the areas you want to clean to get perfect and clean brows. You can even get your hands on a multipurpose eyebrow trimmer for women which shapes, shaves, and trims the eyebrows. Eyebrow grooming trimmer price varies with the type of trimmer.

Eyebrow Grooming Kit

1. Shaping tools

The above-mentioned shaping tools are going to be part of your grooming kit. You can have scissors, tweezers, and trimmers to shape the eyebrows. You can add any other tool as per your choice.

2. Eyebrow brush

Whether it is cutting the brows or shaping them, a brush is going to be your first tool. Brush your eyebrows in the way you want to trim them.

3. Eyebrow gel

The gel gives a finishing look to your eyebrows. You can apply it to stick the hairs together and give a particular shape.

4. Eyebrow stencil

This is a shaping tool. You can hold them above the eyebrows, apply gel, and then use an eyebrow pencil to avoid smudging outside the brows.

An eyebrow grooming kit is a collection of everything big and small you would need to shape your eyebrows. You can add your makeup to it and make it a complete eyebrow kit.

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