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Men's Hair Care Tips For This Summer

Hair Care Tips For Men

Don’t let the hectic schedule impact your hair. Well we do remember to carry our screen lotion to protect our skin during summer but we often skip our hair care necessities as we are more focused on our skin well-being.

But the climate is one of the major factors that spoil our hair. For men this is one of the major problems as you are stranded about your hair conditions during different seasons. Everyone has a different type of hair from curly, wavy, kinky, straight or coiled. Being men it becomes difficult to spare some time on grooming as women do, but grooming is one of the essential parts for men.

Well you don’t need to worry about humidity, pollution, sweat, hairfall and skin problems if you follow these handy hair grooming tips that we have covered here for you so it can be added in your personal care routine.

  1. Don’t let chlorine water ruin your hair

Don’t let chlorine water ruin your hair Yes Chlorine water, during summer days you tend to spend time relaxing in pools. And this pool water which contains chlorine makes your hair dry and rough. So to protect your hair from damage wear swimming caps.

2. Oil your hair

Oil your hair During summer oiling your scalp keeps your hydrated and healthy from inside out. It works as a conditioner during summer.

3. Use hair sunscreen lotion

Use hair sunscreen lotion Let hair sunscreen protect you from UVA rays this summer. I am sure that you are aware of skin sunscreen lotion but there is one such lotion for your hair too! To protect your hair from sun damage this is the minimal best thing you can do before heading out.

4. Don’t over shampoo every day

Don’t over shampoo everyday Shampoo consists of chemicals which are unhealthy for our hair if used more often your hair will lose its natural beauty and glow. So it is suggested to shampoo thrice a week. And know your hair type before choosing a shampoo, preferably the herbal products. Do use a cotton base towel to dry your scalp post shower especially during summers.

5. Use Non-Sulphate Shampoo

Use Non-Sulphate Shampoo Keep a keen check on the products you choose for your hair care specially during the summer season. Sulphate shampoo is responsible for excessive hairfall and hair damage. It basically  changes the quality of hair. So it’s really important for you to use chemical free products for maintaining healthy hair. USTRAA shampoo, is one of the best shampoo for daily cleansing you can opt for this one.

6. Use hair serum and conditioner

Use hair serum and conditioner Hair serum works like a shield, moisturizer and also keeps your hair soft. You can use it on a daily  basis. Summer tends to absorb the moisture in you and makes you look dull & weak. Hair conditioner can help you avoid losing your hair shine and prevent you from dry hair.

7. Tips for oily hair

We all hate greasy and oily hair which happens because our scalp produces more oil i.e. sebum. Excessive production is caused by many factors like over-washing, usage of chemical based shampoo, intense exercise, dandruff and hygiene habits. So to get rid of greasy hair use shampoo containing menthol mint.

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