Zlade Eazyglide II Twin-Blade Razor for Men
The all-new Zlade Eazyglide II is a shaving razor for men that offers great control and delivers a really close shave. Thanks to its twin chromium-coated stainless steel blades, this razor is designed for men who like to keep it...
from Rs. 100.00
Sold Out
Zlade Armour III Readyshaver, Triple Blade Disposable Shaving Razor for Men
Zlade brings you the latest in it's exciting line up of Shaving Razors, the Armour III Readyshaver. Armour III is equipped with 3 Swedish Steel Blades which give a clean shave and a Lubricating Strip which contains Aloe and Vitamin...
Rs. 420.00 from Rs. 210.00
Zlade Summer SENSATION II Twin-Blade Hair Removal Razor for Women
Think women's razors, think Sensation! Zlade Summer brings to you an all-new twin-blade razor for women that's designed with convenience, comfort, and cost in mind. The Zlade Summer Sensation II razor features two high-quality stainless steel blades (chromium coated) and...
from Rs. 100.00

Readyshavers for Men: Explore the best triple & double blade disposable shaving razor in India for Men. Check out the best shaving razors in India....

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