Zlade HyperGlide5 Men's Razor Cartridges
The advanced Zlade HyperGlide5 is a 5-blade razor for men that is the perfect blend of precision engineering, remarkable product design, and modern ergonomics. Featuring 5 super-sharp and ultra-thin titanium/chromium coated blades, the Zlade HyperGlide5 men's shaving razor has been...
from Rs. 399.00
Zlade HyperGlide3 Advanced Shaving Razor Cartridges for Men
Innovation meets precision with Zlade's all-new and improved HyperGlide3 men's shaving razor. With 3 super-sharp and ultra-thin titanium/chromium coated blades, HyperGlide3 delivers an ultra-close and gratifying shave. This shaving razor for men features a contour-adjusting cartridge that pivots up and...
from Rs. 199.00
Zlade Eazyglide II Twin-Blade Razor for Men
The all-new Zlade Eazyglide II is a shaving razor for men that offers great control and delivers a really close shave. Thanks to its twin chromium-coated stainless steel blades, this razor is designed for men who like to keep it...
from Rs. 100.00

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