Our Story

What sets us apart?

Our Story

ZLADE wasn’t born overnight. The insights we extracted through exhaustive market & product research, led us to believe that Indian consumers deserve better for what they are paying for. Our intentions and innovative business model allow us to eliminate unnecessary extra costs enabling us to offer our products at prices up to 40% lower than other over marketed razors made available by leading brands.

The Problem

The current market scenario presents the Indian consumer with limited options ; either exorbitantly priced premium brand name razors or cheap ones that compromise on quality and design.

The Solution

With ZLADE, you get the best of both worlds – Premium quality razors, available at a not so premium price! Fusing the latest German engineering with ultramodern aesthetics and smart ergonomics, ZLADE offers razors that are crafted to perfection.

Zlade introduces the next level of smooth with a comprehensive product line of razors and shaving kits for men that readily accommodate all skin and hair types. From our HyperGlide technology to an infusion of healthy ingredients, our premium shaving products feature excellent shaving expertise, along with great savings and hassle-free home delivery options.

One can actually feel the quality and value the difference after choosing the right razor from an array for shaving options available at Zlade. Our products are formed after conducting a profound analysis of material used only to cater to men’s shaving needs. Each and every product is tested and verified before being brought in the market.