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Our Factory

The Solingen Connection

In our mission to delight our customers and to find the right products, we partnered with state of the art factories across the globe. We started our journey by partnering with factories in Eisfeld and Solingen in Germany, the city also known as the “City of Blades”, to now having manufacturing partners across the globe. Zlade now boasts access to world class factories in Sweden, Germany, Egypt, China, Vietnam and India.

Making of the Modern Blade

The production of modern blades is an extremely complex and highly technical process occurring at high rates of speed. Our blades are made from finest Swedish Stainless Steel which makes the blade edge less prone to micro-corrosion. The blades are then coated in a layer of Platinum and PTFE to make them stronger and long lasting. Our cartridges have open-flow architecture and the blades are spot welded and mounted on tiny springs to enhance their movement. The sprung loaded blades adjust to contours of the skin and give an optimum shave.