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10 Reasons To Use Body Razors For Women

Difference Between Hair Clipper And Hair Trimmer

Hair removal is a very regular process for women. It initially started with waxing legs and hands and making eyebrows. Today, even facial hairs are being removed. Why women prefer to remove them is a very personalized question. Today, removing body hairs is seen as a great beauty regime.

Traditional Methods of removing hairs in women and Their Problems

Plucking - Plucking has been a safe option. It can be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere. However, there are many problems.
  • It could not be used at every body part.
  • If the hair was not plucked with good force, it could result in a wound.
  • Plucking is very time taking.
Threading - Treading is even used everywhere as a means to groom eyebrows. However, there are many downsides.
  • It is very time taking.
  • It requires expertise and care.
  • It cannot be used to remove the hairs of private body parts as it may hurt a lot.
Waxing - Waxing is known as one of the safest methods of hair removal. But the issues are given below.
  • It is very painful.
  • There can be burns and eruptions on sensitive skin.
Laser removal - Lasers are also one of the ways to remove hairs from the body. But, the issues are below.
  • Lasers are costly and not everyone can afford them.
  • There can be redness and irritation on sensitive skin.
  • High risk of skin infection and injury.

Reasons Why Women Should Use Razors

  1. Painless hair removal
It is a painless way of removing hair which is every women's dream. Other methods may at least cause pain in private body parts, but not razors.
  1. Cost-effective
Ladies' razor prices can be cheap and inexpensive. Many women prefer buying razors over one session of waxing at the same price as it can be used to give multiple shaves which saves a lot of money.
  1. Easy availability
Razors can be bought from anywhere, from online stores to drugstores. The variety of types and brands give them a lot of choices. It can be purchased anywhere even while traveling.
  1. Quick
Body hair can be easily removed from any body part in no time. It can be done anywhere in privacy without any hassle.
  1. New technologies
Women's body razors keep evolving and new technologies keep coming into the market, making hair removal more convenient for women.
  1. Ease of use
Different type of body razors are available for different body parts. They are made to glide along with the curves of the body which makes them super easy to be used.
  1. Moisture retention
Women razors such as razors with Aloe Vera are specially designed to provide moisture to the skin to keep it soft and hydrated even after hair removal.
  1. Easy private hair removal
Body hairs are painless and easily removed by the razors meant for it. Moreover, many women prefer to use razors for private parts as they want to do it on their own.
  1. Minimal side-effects
Razors are available for vitamin E and aloe vera strips to make them suitable for even sensitive skin. Body razors have no significant side-effects, making them very safe.
  1. Better skin

Procedures such as facial skin removal are associated with better skin and skin products absorption. Razors remove the dead skin along with the hairs, giving you softer and glowing skin. Shaving kits for women are a must in personal care for women.

We bring to you one of the best hair removal razors for ladies in India. We even have the best razors for women's underarms and private hair. Explore our website today to get the body razor for great skin.

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