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Perfect Guide For Picking Hair Removal Razor For Ladies

Hair Removal Razor For Ladies

There are a variety of hair removal razors for ladies in the market. With such abundance, the decision of using one single razor becomes difficult. Let us take a look at the types of razors available in the market and know about them in detail. We will be talking about the razor type and the purpose it is used for. These details will help you make a better decision while purchasing the razors.

Types of Hair Removal Razors for Women

1. Ladies razor for face

Women are ditching the conventional methods of threading and waxing over facial razor to get rid of facial hairs. These razors for face and eyebrows come with a very thin handle to conveniently hold them and an angular blade to easily shave the hairs from the contours of the face. The same face razors can be used as ladies’ razors for eyebrows


  • It is very easy and pain-free.
  • Inexpensive method of removing face hairs
  • Frequent shaving would be required as shaving gives way to re-growth.
  • Improper use can lead to ingrown hairs and razor burns

2. Ladies razor for body hairs

Ladies' razor for legs, hands, and other body hair is designed differently. It has a handle with a curvy grip. The blade is flexible to glide along the curves of the hands and the legs. There are multiple blades placed close to each other to give a smooth shave.


  • Fast and easy method to shave hairs
  • Inexpensive and painless method to get smooth skin
  • Repeated use can cause dark spots
  • Hair grows quickly after shaving

3. Ladies razors for private parts

Bikini razors are designed to remove the hairs from the private parts where the skin is very soft. These razors have extra layers of protection to avoid any kind of irritation and burns on the skin.


  • Clean and clear private area means no itchiness and sweating
  • No infection due to germs and lice
  • Faster and thicker growth of hairs
  • High chances of cuts, burns, and other injuries

4. Ladies razor for sensitive skin

The risk of razor burns and bumps is very high in sensitive skin. These razor blades are dermatologically tested so that they cause no or minimal irritation on sensitive skin. Up to 5 blades are closely placed on these razors to give clear skin in a single stroke.


  • Limited chances of skin irritation
  • Quick and easy method
  • Chances of razor burn even after shaving
  • Faster hair re-growth would require frequent shaving

5. Disposable Razors

Ladies razor of use and throw type last up to a few shaves and then the blades need to be changed. The blades easily go blunt after a few use. These razors are cheaper than the reusable types.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Fewer chances of infection
  • Improper handling can cause cuts and burns
Smart Tips to Make a Decision These tips will help you in making a better decision
  1. Understand the skin type before finding the razor types. Go for the one made for your hair.
  2. Do not choose one razor to remove the hairs of all the body parts.
  3. Go for the razors with flexible blades for body hairs.
  4. In case of sensitive skin, look for a razor with extra protection and lubrication.
There are many hair removal shavers for women. You can visit our website to get the best razors at affordable rates. Follow the mentioned tips to get your hands on the best razor.

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