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Is It Okay For Women To Use Men's Trimmer?

using men's trimmer

Yes, most certainly women can use men's hair trimmers but ideally, they should not. Today, this is a very relevant question. The men's grooming industry is progressing at a pace like never before. New products are entering the market and there exists a very fine line between men's and women's grooming products.

Be it shavers or trimmers, both are being used by men as well as women. Women are finding ways for self-grooming where these hair removal products fit in. Its' worth questioning their use as the purpose is the same. Also, the price of many hair removal trimmers for women is higher than the ones used by men. This further gives women the reason to use the men's trimmer.

Difference between men's and women's trimmers

Both the trimmers are made considering the user's skin quality in consideration. The men have thicker hair whereas the women have softer hair and skin. This affects the design of the trimmer. Let us check differences between hair trimmer for women & trimmer for men.
  • Trimmer's head

Men generally use trimmers for a specific purpose whereas women have evolved the use. They use the trimmer to trim hairs across all the body parts. They need to take care of the contour of the hair that makes them tilt their trimmers in several ways. Women trimmers come with tilted heads which helps them get better contact with the surface area of the skin.
  • Handle arc and shape

The trimmers for women come with oval-shaped handles, allowing the women to have a better grip. The handle arc is designed to give women the flexibility to comfortably trim the hair on different parts of the body including armpits and pubic hairs.
  • Added features

Today different types of trimmers are available for different body parts. For instance, you can find a face trimmer for women which is made to gently remove the facial hairs without harming the skin.

On the other hand, the arm hair will not provide that gentleness as it is designed to remove hair from arms that have thicker hairs and skin than the face. There is a specific trimmer for women to remove pubic hair that requires a lot of precision.

These features make hair removal very easy and hassle-free. Hair trimmers for women are available with different attachments that ease the hair removal process.

There can be another reason to avoid using men's trimmers. The men's trimmer may have been used casually and for a long time. This questions its hygiene. Using a used men's trimmer is not a good idea, especially for removing pubic hairs and face. There can be itchiness or any other allergic reaction.

Tips for using men's trimmers

If only you have to use a men's trimmer then take a note of these things:

  1. Disinfect the trimmer before use.
  2. Check how long it has been in use. Don't use very old trimmers.
  3. Check the workability of the trimmer. It should work fine and remove the hair evenly.
  4. Use a lightweight trimmer for pubic hair. Choose a trimmer that gives you the flexibility to remove all the hair without directly looking at them.
  5. Take care while re-using the trimmer. In case it is to be used by someone else, then disinfect it and make it reusable.

Women should stick to trimmers for women to get a safe trimming experience. Irrespective of the trimmer you use, clean the skin before trimming.

Follow the direction of the hair growth to get a smooth trimming experience. Take care of the hygiene of the trimmer before and after use.

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