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What is the Difference Between Hair Clipper And Hair Trimmer

The hair grooming market is expanding very fast and many new products are coming up. Styling has become a daily routine for men. The growing demand for styling products has encouraged manufacturers to introduce new products. There are a variety of products available ranging from waterproof hair trimmers to electronic shavers.

For cutting and styling the hair, we generally come down to two main products which are hair clippers and hair trimmers. Both hair clippers and trimmers are electronic devices that can be used to cut hair. But can you use both of them for the same purpose? No, both have been created for different purposes. We have made a list of details of differences between hair clippers vs hair trimmers.

1. Blades

Both of them come with different types of blades with different lengths. The hair clippers are designed for cutting long hairs whereas the purpose of the hair trimmer is to give a fine cut to the smaller hairs and give the desired shape. They have thinner blades as compared to the clippers as they are used on very small hairs. A similar comparison can be drawn for hair clipper vs beard trimmer. Beard trimmers are designed to trim beard hair to get the desired length and shape.

2. Attachments

As the hair clipper is designed to cut long hairs, it comes with attachments to manage them. These attachments are the guards that are available in multiple sizes which are selected based on the hair length that needs to be chopped off. Hair clippers for men are designed to suit the men's hairstyle. This also means that men now have multiple ways to design the look using different types of blades. This is not in the case of trimmers.

3. Styling

Hair trimmers are generally associated with styling as compared to hair clippers. Using the hair trimmers, you can nearly shave off the hair. All you need is to run a shaver to completely remove the hairs. Clippers provide you with precision where you can have precise contours which is not in the case of hair clippers.

Can hair clippers be used as trimmers?

It is not a great idea to even use the best hair clippers as trimmers. We need to consider two main factors.
  • Make of the clippers
Hair clippers can be larger in shape as compared to the trimmers as they are designed to cut longer hairs. They are more strong and bulky. The size of the clipper is big as the user needs to hold it free-hand to cut the long hairs. In the case of trimmers, the size of the handle is small and it is designed to suit your hand grip. Since trimmers cut the smaller hairs, they have a particular grip. This convenience may not be available with hair clippers.
  • Blade

The blade of the trimmers is small to cut very short hairs whereas the blade in the clipper can be large. So, it is better not to use the hair clippers as trimmers as they can hurt you and end with an irregular haircut.

Can a trimmer be used for hair cutting?

A similar logic applies here. The blade of a trimmer is designed to work on details on very fine hairs. Trimmers cannot be used to cut hairs. It is best to use the product for its specific purpose.

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