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How To Take Care Of Trimmer? And Trimmer Maintenance

Trimmer maintenance

Maintenance becomes very important for personal grooming products. Items that are re-used should be carefully cleaned after each use. A dirty product invites germs and allergies. Body hair trimmer is one of the personal care products that come in contact with the skin and its pores. If it is not cleaned and taken care then it can become a hotspot for bacteria, giving rise to health risks. Irritants such as dead skin and dust can accumulate in the trimmer which needs to be cleaned regularly.

How to clean trimmer at home?

Since we use the trimmers at home, we must know how to clean them. Cleaning a trimmer is a very easy process and takes a few seconds. All you need is an understanding of your trimmer. A simple search on the internet about the model of the trimmer to understand how it should be cleaned.

How to clean and maintain a trimmer?

This is a very important question as the trimmer is not an ordinary device that can be merged in hot water and soap and cleaned. It needs proper care.

  • Check for the wet/dry capability
    We generally struggle with a question like how to clean the trimmer after use or can we wash the trimmer with water? You need to first understand the properties of the trimmer. You can even check on the packaging of the trimmer about cleaning. Find out if you can rinse the trimmer and clean it with water. If possible, rinse it with hot water and clean it. In case you cannot use water, you should use the tiny cleaning brush that comes with a trimmer to clean the teeth of the trimmer. You can even use trimmer cleaning liquid.
  • Store the trimmer
    Once you have used and cleaned the trimmer, you should store it. Keeping the trimmer in open will let the dust settle in the teeth, making it dirty again.
  • Lubricate the teeth
    The oil that comes with the trimmer is meant to lubricate it and keep the edges of the blade sharp. It increases the efficiency of the trimmer and reduces wear and tear. If you are wondering how to protect your trimmer, then this lubricating oil is the perfect answer.

How to sharpen your trimmer?

Sharpening is the next step in the maintenance of a trimmer. A clean trimmer may not be of any use without a sharp edge. You can use a sharpening stone to sharpen the teeth of the trimmer. Carefully sharpen the blade of the trimmer and then clean the metal powder left as a residue. You can stop the process when the blade starts shining.

The other option is to use replacement blades. Whenever you feel that the trimmer has become blunt and is not performing great, you can replace the blade. You can use the Zlade replacement blades for a great experience. These blades are safe and hygienic to use. The ceramic and stainless steel blades are very sharp to give a great trimming experience.

A trimmer has become an essential component of a personal grooming kit. Cleaning and maintaining it is very important. Using replacement for the blade is a very convenient way to keep the blades sharp. With Zlade, you will get assured quality products to be used in your trimmer.

Besides maintaining the trimmer, keep a check on the wrong practices such as using tissue paper and handkerchief to clean the blade. Tissue paper can be torn and left behind and cloth may not clean every dust particle. Only a few minutes of good cleaning practice will ensure the longevity of your trimmer.

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