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Are Female Razors For Private Parts Safe?

Female Razors For Private Parts
Shaving the private part has become very common and women choose not to shy away from any such discussions. Conventionally, shaving the private hair was never considered to be cool. Talking about getting rid of the private hair was not openly talked about. In the older days, there was only one kind of razor which was the basic use and throw type. A single type of blade was used which could harm the sensitive skin of the private parts. For such reasons, many women refrained from using razors to remove private hair. There also have been many myths associated with razors that have discouraged their use in removing private hair. The belief that shaving the private parts will encourage hair growth is not true. The hair growth in private parts is restricted and cannot grow beyond a certain length. Our belief that thick and hard hair would grow after a shave also turned out to be a myth. The hair that come out after shaving are soft as the original hair.

Different Methods Of Removing Private Hair

For decades we have used several methods for removing hair from private parts. They all had some issues that the razors have successfully solved.


Plucking individual hair of the private parts can be a choice of the few who choose to stay secretive about their body parts. Plucking has its disadvantages:

  • Improper plucking can cause infection and injury
  • It may cause irritate sensitive skin
  • very time consuming

Depilatory creams

These creams weaken the hair and remove them. The downsides are:

  • Chemicals can cause reactions on the skin
  • Sensitive skin can easily have side-effects
  • Believed to darken the skin


Waxing is successfully used by many to remove private hair as a quick method. But

  • It is painful
  • Can cause redness, itching, and eruptions on sensitive skin
  • Improper use can cause burns

Laser removal

Laser removal is used by many for permanent hair removal but it has its disadvantages.

  • It is costly
  • It can hurt the skin and nearby body parts
  • Burns and other skin issues can arouse on sensitive skin

Why Razors?

Razors offer several advantages over all the methods above.

1. Safe - Razors are found to be safe for every skin type. Moreover, we have razors available exclusively for sensitive skin. The blades are attached in a way that they can avoid any injury. There are multi-blade razors that give a great finish in just one go. Razors are one of the safest methods to remove private hair.

2. DIY - No need to think twice before removing the private hair. You can easily purchase a razor at the nearest drugstore and use them in the comfort of your home.  

3. Painless - Being painless, it can be even used by teenage girls.

4. Cost-effective - One razor can give you multiple shaves. In comparison to other methods such as waxing, shaving is a much easier method.

5. Exfoliation - Besides removing the hair, it painlessly exfoliates and removes the dry skin cells.

Tips For Using Razors for private areas

  • Always use razors with sharp blades.
  • Clean the razor properly after every use.
  • Apply a shaving cream before use.
  • Moisturize the area after shaving.

Razors for women come in a variety, each one a safe option to be used. We have a range of razors for private parts. We even have the best razors for girls. Explore our website today to get your hands on the best quality lady shaver for intimate areas.

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