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Why Are Trimmers For Pubic Hair Different From Hair On Head?

hair trimmer for pubic hair

The men's fashion segment had been mute about maintaining the private parts for long. However, the times have changed and men have become vocal about their needs. Unlike the women's beauty segment, the men's segment is still growing and a lot of questions are unanswered. Trimmer is one of those tools that men are getting comfortable with.

When it comes to trimming pubic hair, there are many other questions that you might need help with like - Are the hair across all the body parts the same? No. Are pubic hair thicker than head hair? Yes, they are coarser. The main question that we need to address is, why is pubic hair are not like head or body hair?

Well, the pubic hair is different as they are grown on the body for a different purpose. The hair color and quality are not related to the hair on the head but the melanin in the body.

Do you know there is a different type of trimmer available for the hair on your head and the pubic hair? Different trimmers are made for different purposes. Let us see why.

Hair on Head Vs Hair on Groin

Types of hair on the pubes and the head are different, so they need to be treated differently. They differ in coarseness, thickness, color, curliness, and length. Pubic hair are coarser and thicker than the hair on the head. Their color is independent of the hair color and they are also curlier as they grow in a space that stays enclosed. The thickness of the pubic hair is one of the main reasons for using a different trimmer. You need a different type of blade for the coarser hair.

Zlade Ballistic Manscaping Body Trimmer for Men is one of the most popular pubic hair trimmers in India.


Trimmers meant for different body parts provide differences in ease of trimming/shaving different areas. You can easily see the hair on the head while trimming them using a mirror. On the other hand, the visibility is very low while trimming the pubic region. This is the reason the trimmers come with a very flexible blade and comfortable handle.

They easily glide on the surface of your body. Also, the skin in the pubic region is very soft and sensitive. So, these trimmers are made very safe for use and you may not easily suffer an injury.

Skin Issues

We relate the pubic region with hygiene. So, using the trimmer on your head may transfer some dirt to your pubic region which can cause infection. The same is true vice versa. Similarly, there can be skin-related issues on the scalp of your head which can get transferred to your pubic region. Concerning to safety, cleanliness, and hygiene, it is best to use a different trimmer for your pubic region.


You can face trimmer maintenance issues if the trimmer is used for the wrong purpose. You need to be careful about using and maintaining a trimmer, especially the one used for trimming pubic hair. When not maintained, it may not work properly. For instance, there are chances that the hair of the head or other body parts may get stuck in the blade of the trimmer meant for trimming the pubic hair. It will not give the desired result. It is best to use different trimmers for different body parts, especially for sensitive parts such as the pubic region.

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