Pros And Cons Of Face Shaving For Women

Pros And Cons Of Face Shaving For Women

Women's grooming has taken strides in the past few years. Until just a few years back painful threading or waxing was only the possible way of hair removal from the face.

But today we have many other options. Face shaving has emerged as a very convenient choice where women do not need to visit a beauty parlor. A major contribution can be given to the lockdown that encouraged women to try out new hair removal methods at home.

While face shaving is gaining acceptance and popularity, a large population of women is skeptical about it. We have our fears and opinions about shaving the face shaving. How true are they? Is face shaving a good practice? Let us find out the pros and cons of face shaving to arrive at any decision.

Pros of face shaving for women

Face shaving is a new trend and there are a lot of positive things about it.

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the primary benefits of face shaving. Different irritants such as dust particles and germs accumulate on our skin. Exfoliation is the way to remove these foreign particles along with the dead skin. Face shaving removes the complete layer of the skin that contains all these irritants, relieving you of the extra steps of exfoliation and scrub.

2. Smooth skin

Continuous application of makeup and exposure to pollution makes the skin very irregular. Some particles settle on the pores of the skin. Face shaving removes such residual layer from the face to give a smoother texture to the skin.

3. Better results with skin products

Not every time does the products that we apply to the skin yield good results. Our skin develops a layer of dead skin that hinders the effective penetration of skin products. You can try face shaving and then see the impact. The pores are open to absorb the skin products. The products penetrate deep into the skin to give faster and positive results.

4. Better makeup

Face shaving smoothens the face and clears the dead skin. The skin is soft and absorbs the products effectively. So, the makeup is effortlessly applied to the skin. With no dead skin, oils, and dirt on the face, your face will give better results with makeup.

5. Painless

We have been through the pain of waxing and threading for hair removal. Face shaving with facial hair removal razor is undoubtedly one of the most painless methods of hair removal. You can even shape your eyebrows. Zlade face and eyebrow razor for women is the perfect solution for painless face shaving at home.

Cons of face shaving for women

Face shaving is also associated with many side effects.

1. Increased discomfort for problem or sensitive skin

You should always check your skin condition before going for face shaving. It is best to avoid it in skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Face shaving will enhance skin irritation and result in discomfort and reactions. Sensitive skin may not respond well to face shaving. It is better to stick to the older methods in such conditions.

2. Inexperience leads to cuts

The availability of a face shaving razor does not mean everyone can use it. If you do not have good hands-on with these razors, then it's best to start very slow. You may hurt the skin of your face which can end in cuts and bruises.

Face shaving has many positive effects and is worth a try. If you have not done it till now, then buy your facial hair removal razor today to get smoother and better skin.

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