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15 Smart Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

15 Smart Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair

Short hairs are easy to keep and give a smart appearance. Despite being around for ages, its evolution into style was delayed. We have moved ahead from the combed and gel-applied short hairs. To stand out in the crowd, men are looking for smart short hairstyles that speak style. We have a list of the 15 best smart hairstyles for men with short hair. Many of these are easy to carry and can be created using trimmers.

  • Buzz Cut
  • The military-inspired haircut adds sophistication to your look. You can create a different style with high or low fades at the sides.

  • Crew Cut
  • It can be the best hairstyle for men with thick hair. The hairs on the crown are kept longer than the sides and combed in a backward fashion.

  • Short Side Part
  • It is an evolution of the basic side partition. With trimmed sides, it gives a smarter look than the basic side partition.

  • Taper Fade
  • The hairs get shorter and taper to the side of the head. It is the new hairstyle of 2022 for men and any love to sport it.

  • Quiff
  • It is a very low-maintenance hairstyle that can be scissor-cut. The quaff at the head makes the hair look fuller and the face taller.

  • Hard Part
  • It has been in the trend for ages as the basic hairstyle for men with short hair. You can use gels to give it a shining appearance for special occasions.

  • French Crop
  • All the hairs are of equal length and give away a clean look. It can be sported on every hair type, from straight to curvy.

  • Burst Fade
  • The hairs taper from the crown to the neck, giving a circular appearance. The crown hair can be of varying lengths to get different looks.

  • Military Style
  • The military haircut is all about keeping the hair short. The very short hairs make an interesting contrast look. The overall appearance is undoubtedly smart and crisp. 

  • Spiky Hair
  • The style has evolved from an edgy look to a smart look. Short hairs made into spikes and sides carefully combed over; give a smart and youthful appearance.

  • Short curtains
  • The evolving casual smart fashion allows the curtain look with hairs gelled together to get an even and smart look.

  • Afro And Bald Fade
  • Short afro hairs with fades at the sides are into the trend. This haircut gives a new reason to celebrate to all the men with curly and afro hair.

  • Butch Cut
  • Hairs cut short along the counters of the head give a very masculine look to the face. You can even add fades at the side to give bolder look.

  • Buzz Cut with Lineup
  • The contour of the buzz cut is made very clear and close to the forehead. The beauty of the haircut lies in the crisp outlines. The entire attention falls on the face.

  • Clean Shave
  • Clean shave has come into trend and men go ahead with it if it suits their face. It gives a very bold and confident appearance. Men generally use earrings, and other jewellery to highlight the haircut.

    This is a complete lineup of short hairstyles to make you look presentable. Trim away the extra hairs to get the perfect look. You can use the Zlade trimmers to maintain these looks at home. We have an exclusive range of smart-edge trimmers laced with the latest technology and materials.

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