15 Curly Hairstyles & Haircut Ideas for Men

15 Curly Hairstyles & Haircut Ideas for Men

Every man with curly hair has to struggle to create a style statement with haircuts. However, the curly texture of the hair can be used as an advantage to get many hairstyles. There are many hairstyles for every face cut and every hair length.

Let us see some of the best curly hairstyles for men.

  • Tight Curls
  • Undoubtedly, it is the best curly hairstyle for men with very curly hair. All you need is a wave from your fingertips to set the hair.

  • Curly Taper Fade
  • Side fades are into fashion. Curly hair on the crown and trimmed hair on the sides set the focus on the curls and your face.

  • Side-Swept Curly Hair
  • A hairstyle for medium curly hair men where the curls are combed at the sides to make a pointed fall at the side of the face makes you look sexy.

  • Curly High Fade
  • The curls at the top of the head and high fade at the side is a hairstyle for everyone who wants to look more masculine. You will love the look with a well-kept beard.

  • Quiff
  • Quiff in curly hair just exaggerates everything about the hairstyle. The best way is to comb the hair back without blow-drying or heating the hair to let the curls do the talking.

  • Curly Man Braids
  • This is one edgy hairstyle not meant for everyone. Only some very stylish men can afford to carry this look and own the every place they walk.

  • Faux Hawk in curls
  • The sides are the scissor-cut hair and the top of the head is the natural flow of the curly hair, giving a very youthful vibe.

  • Bowl Cut
  • You may believe that it is all natural but it needs a salon to get equal hair along with the hair’s natural flow to let the hair fall on every side.

  • Curly Hard Part
  • One side is the well-kept curls and on the other is the trimmed fade. It gives a great contrast look. The partition is mostly done using a trimmer.

  • Curly Lob
  • The rock star hairstyle inspired by the 90s is still trending. Men with long curly hair can sport it any time with minimal maintenance.

  • Man Bun
  • The man bun is for the long and messy hair. The waves in the curls make the man bun look too attractive to ignore.

  • Curly Middle Part
  • We all can dive into Hollywood classics with men sporting long curly hair in a simple middle partition. It gives a very stylish appearance.

  • Short Flat Curly Top
  • This is for every curly short-haired man where the voluminous top is given a flat cut and sides are faded for the focus to shift on the stylish flat top.

  • Curly Bob
  • Curly hair cut onto a bob cut are a feast to watch with curls thinning down towards the chin. When let loose, it looks effortless and stylish.

  • Curly Beach Hair
  • This haircut requires more maintenance than we can imagine. Proper cleaning, highlights to gel, men use it all to let their curls fall to make a style statement.

    After having a haircut, you need to maintain it. Keep the hair moisturized and combed to avoid fringes. You can use trimmers to maintain the looks with the side fades. Zlade trimmers are comfortable to use and last long. You can easily use them at home and get the desired haircut. Our website has an affordable range of trimmers for men. Get a Zlade trimmer today to tame your curls in the best hairstyle

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