Do You Really Need Shaving Cream?

Shaving Cream

Clean shaved dapper and attractive men advertising shaving creams may push you to use these shaving creams once in a while. But does shaving cream actually give this look? No. Shaving cream is just the medium to shave.

Then do you really need shaving cream? What does it really do? When to use shaving cream?

Body hairs are very natural and removing them properly can be challenging. Using razors without shaving cream can hurt you. Shaving cream should be used every time you shave. A best natural shaving cream hydrates the skin and hair, making them smooth for shaving. The lubrication provided by the shaving cream acts as a barrier between your skin and the razor blade which minimizes risks of irritation and cut.

How To Shave?

Anyone can shave, but how to shave properly is the real question? Shaving has four primary steps.
  1. Shave on moist and wet skin

Shave on moist and wet skin You can apply water to the skin to make it wet but the best time would be after a bath when the skin has been in touch with water for some time and the skin is already moist. Make sure to wet your skin before applying the cream.

2. Apply the best-suited shaving cream

Apply the best-suited shaving cream Choose the shaving cream best for your skin type. If you have dry or sensitive skin then choose the shaving cream made for such skin types. Apply the cream properly all over the skin.

3. Shave in the direction of hair growth

Shave in the direction of hair growth This is the most important step. Shaving in the direction of hair growth offers minimum resistance, ensuring a smooth shave.

4. Rinse the skin and the blade

Rinse the skin and the blade4. Rinse the skin and the blade Rinse the skin after shaving and clean the blade. Dispose of the disposable blade and ensure that you have a good blade for the next shave. There are multiple shaving cream options. You can use shaving cream, shaving foam, or shaving gel. There is nothing like the best shaving cream or gel. It depends on your skin type and shaving routine.

Shaving Cream Vs Shaving Gel Vs Shaving Foam

Shaving Cream Vs Shaving Gel Vs Shaving Foam The men's grooming market is augmenting with the growing demand for convenience products.

Shaving foams

overtook the shaving creams market over the instant lather feature. Shaving gel took the men's grooming market a step ahead.

Lather and lubrication

Shaving creams and foams produce instant lather which can be made thin using water. Shaving gel produces a thicker lather which provides better lubrication than both the other options. The gel provides extra lubrication and protection to the skin.


Cleaning the creams and foams can be tedious as they need water. Gel on the other hand is waterless and can be easily wiped.

Shaving experience

Shaving experience Shaving gels are gaining popularity for their better shaving and after-shave experience. The gel allows the razor to glide better than the foam. It gives a great shave in a shorter time. The overall experience with shaving gel is dry, quick, clean, and smooth which is in demand in the younger generation.

Shaving Tips

  • Use the shaving medium based on your skin type and not the trend. If you have sensitive skin then make sure you use the right kind of shaving product.
  • Use cool water to shave as hot water can soften the skin making it prone to cuts.
  • Regularly replace razors and do not reuse disposables to avoid infections.
Both shaving gels and creams serve the same purpose. You must select the shaving product that suits you the best in terms of experience and budget.

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