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How to Shave Your Head? Tips and Guide

How to Shave Your Head

Bald is the trend in men's fashion and many celebrities sport it. Some of them go bald owing to issues with their hair and others choose it as their style. If you are also planning to sport the look then you need to be aware that sporting a bald look needs maintenance. Is shaving your head difficult? Absolutely not. Keeping some important details in mind, you can shave your head even at home. Let us first understand the benefit of going bald.

Benefits of Shaving Head

Savior from all hair related issues

Hair loss, irregular hair growth, and receding hairline are some of the issues related to hair. Many shave heads owing to dandruff issues. Sporting a bald look allows you to move carefree and get rid of all such hair-related problems.

Cost and money efficient

Shaving the head is cost-effective for people who use wigs and hats. They can get rid of the cost of purchasing and maintaining these accessories. Also, you can take shower whenever you want and get ready really quick without wasting any time on doing hair.

A new look

You can always try this new look of being bald as it's not permanent. If you do not like the look or you are done with it then you can grow your hair and be your old self.

How to Shave Head at Home

If you are searching on how to shave the head with a trimmer then you need to reconsider shaving your head. Trimmers will not remove the hair from the scalp and you will need to shave after it. Here are the steps to shave your head using hair trimmers for men and razor.
  1. Trim your hair

Trim your hair Long hairs can be difficult to shave. So, first, trim your hair short. Ahead of trimming, check for bumps or any other issues on your head. Work on these areas very carefully.

2. Choose a Sharp Blade

Choose a Sharp Blade Check if the razor is sharp. Many razors use lubrastrips which help in providing lubrication. Ensure the lubrastrips are intact and unused. In case the razor is dull or very old, get a new one.

3. Apply Shaving Gel

Apply Shaving Gel A shaving gel will act as a protective barrier between the razor and your scalp. Apply shaving foam or gel all over your head before shaving to avoid any kind of irritation.

4. Shave With Uniform and Gentle Stroke

Shave With Uniform and Gentle Stroke Now, start shaving the head very gently. Shave in strokes that are comfortable for you. Shave along the contours of your hair and do not leave hidden areas such as hairs behind the ears.

5. Rinse and moisturize

Rinse and moisturize Rinse the shaving gel with cool water and dry your head with a towel. Immediately moisturize your head with an aftershave lotion to soothe the shaved skin. Follow some after-head shave tips to maintain the look.
  • Shampoo and condition your head regularly.
  • Protect your head from the sun and always keep it moisturized.
  • Message your head to stimulate blood flow.

Here are some additional tips to shave your head

  1. Use your regular shaving gel or foam as your skin is accustomed to it.
  2. Novices should try to look into a mirror and shave to have a cut-free clean shave.
  3. Use a sharp multi-blade look to get a great finish in the first attempt.
  4. Take your time and do not rush.
Once you have shaved your head, hold it high and walk. Whatever be the reason behind it, carry your confidence whenever you walk. It's your body and your style, be happy about it.

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