Benefits of Shaving Your Head
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Go Bold, Go Bald: 9 Benefits Of Shaving Your Head In Summers

Ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson why he does it and we’re pretty sure he will tell you that one of the reasons he shaves his head regularly is to keep it healthy and cool.  Shaving your head isn’t ...

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How To Shave Armpits/ Underarms Correctly?

Shaving your armpit hair is something that most men want to do at some point or another. While it might seem like a simple task, shaving your armpit hair can be pretty tricky. You risk having unsig...

clean shavingHow to Shave Your Head

How to Shave Your Head? Tips and Guide

Bald is the trend in men's fashion and many celebrities sport it. Some of them go bald owing to issues with their hair and others choose it as their style. If you are also planning to sport the loo...