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Why Are Trimmers For Pubic Hair Different From Hair On Head?

The men's fashion segment had been mute about maintaining the private parts for long. However, the times have changed and men have become vocal about their needs. Unlike the women's beauty segment,...

beardHow To Avoid Pimples After Shaving?

How To Avoid Pimples After Shaving? - After Shaving pimples

You must have seen red bumps appear on your face after a shave. Sometimes it is some ingrown hair that irritates the skin and causes redness. Some may wonder if the red bump on the face is acne. Do...

oily skinSkin Care Tips for Oily Skin

6 Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin That Works Best

Different people have different skin qualities. While skincare is for everyone, it is oily skin that demands more care. Some of us even visit dermatologists with queries such as "why is my face so ...