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How To Avoid Pimples After Shaving?
You must have seen red bumps appear on your face after a shave. Sometimes it is some ingrown hair that irritates the skin and causes redness. Some may wonder if the red bump on the face is acne. Does shaving cause acne? It sure can. There are multiple reasons behind it.
  • Old and dirty razors have bacteria on them which get transferred to the face while shaving. It gets inside the skin and gives you a pimple face.
  • Some cheap and poor-quality shaving products harm the skin. They irritate the skin and cause inflammations that develop into acne.
  • Rinsing with cold water and application of aftershave gel closes the open pores of the skin. Not following a good aftershave routine allows dirt and bacteria to enter the skin and cause acne.

Getting pimples after shaving can be very annoying as it affects the look of the person. It takes a simple shaving routine to avoid the occurrence of pimples after a shave. 

1. Use a good shaving product

Use sharp razors and replace the old ones after a few use. Discard razors are kept for a long time as they can develop germs on them. Men with sensitive skin should use razors specifically designed for them. Shaving razors are also available with different types of lubrication strips and blades. You can give them a try to avoid developing acne after a shave.

2. Use a shaving gel or foam

The sole purpose of a shaving cream/gel/foam is to provide lubrication to the shaving blade so that it can easily glide on the skin without causing irritation or cut. This substantially reduces the chances of getting pimples. Today shaving gels come formulated with ingredients such as menthol that hydrate and lubricate the skin to prevent any unnecessary side effects on the skin.

3. Warm up your face to open the pores

Treat your face with warm water or steam to open the pores. Dirt and dead skin clogged in the pores will come out and your skin will become clean. Steaming the face is a good skincare routine that can be done every few days.

4. Use a good aftershave

Cleaning your face with water after a shave leaves the pores of the skin open. A good aftershave gel, lotion, cream, or any other product will moisturize the skin and keep your skin hydrated. If you have acne-prone skin then you need to choose these products wisely as many of them can increase the itchy pimples on your face.

5. Regularly apply toner

A good alcohol-free toner is worthwhile to be included in the daily skin routine. Apply toner after the face wash to keep the skin hydrated. You can also replace the toner with anti-bacterial gel. People with sensitive skin should opt for products meant for their skin types.

6. Replace the worn-out products

All skincare products should be replaced regularly. Replace the blade of the razor as soon as it becomes dull. Do not use lotions and creams that are not fit for your skin. Every good product may not suit you. Get ones that are suitable for your skin type.

Following a good shaving routine and maintaining hygiene with the products will help you avoid any kind of skin-related issue. Your everyday skincare routine leaves a great impact on your skin. For acne-prone skin use anti-bacterial soap, cleansers, and creams that fight the acne-causing germs.

All you have to remember is that shaving is not only about getting rid of facial hairs but also maintaining healthy skin.

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