Daily Simple Skin Care Routine For Men's Skin Under Their Beard

Daily Simple Skin care routine for men

Sporting a beard is a trend today. You can go gaga over actors and models you watch on TV. The wow looks are to vouch and if you are a man then you would definitely want the same smartly shaven look. But do you think it's that easy? Or do you think it requires special and costly maintenance? The answer to both the queries is in negation as you can carry the look effortlessly without any extravagant expenditure.

Shaving and maintaining the bearded look are two different things. With beard comes the uninvited irritants such as itchy beard, beard dandruff, other skin issues. All this can arise if you do not maintain a skincare routine with a beard. There might be a swirl of questions in your mind like How to take care of your face? How to get the dead skin off the face? and many more.

Well! You can relax. First, acknowledge that there is a skincare routine for men that you can follow to have smooth skin under the beard. Skincare while growing a beard is very important to avoid developing irritated skin under the beard.

To make your life simple, we have made a routine that answers all your queries on 'how to take care of the skin under beard'. All you need to do is start following it to have a soothing glow on your beard face.

Choose a gentle shampoo

Let’s start by analyzing our current skincare for beard growth and making things right. The first step is to understand how to wash your face with a beard. Generally, we wash it with the shampoo that we use for a beard or the soap that is used for bathing. It is fine until you are using the right products. The shampoo should not contain sulfates and other harsh ingredients that trap moisture. In the case of soaps, take care of the alkalinity which is very high in many soaps. Understand the texture of your skin. If it's very dry then select the shampoos and soaps that are gentle and hydrating.

Exfoliate every week

Everyone knows how important it is to exfoliate. But not everyone is aware of how important it is for a man. Exfoliating will clean the dead and dry skin under the beard. With dry skin, you will have a rough look even after moisturizing and washing your face. A shave on dry and irritated skin can give you sores under the beard. Get rid of the dead skin regularly to get a seamless and smashing beard look. Use a facial scrub and exfoliate your skin at least twice a week.

Moisturize and hydrate skin after every shave

Now that you are all clean of the hairs and dead skin, it is time to take care of the skin. The very first thought for moisturizing will be to use the face moisturizer. You may find it interesting to know that there are beard moisturizers available in the market exclusively for this purpose. You can take a step further in the fashion game by using beard oil. This all is specially formulated to promote hair growth. It rejuvenates the hair by reaching to the hair follicles and nourishing it. Regular use will give you softer beard hair. If you want to be a trendsetter with your new beard style, get the oil and start taking care of your beard.

Shave mindfully

Taking care of a beard face is more or less the same as a normal face. The only difference is that you have to take care of the hairs and how you cut them. To avoid any irritation use good products and change the razor blade after 2-3 use. Unlike what you see on television, there is a direction of hair growth on the face. Follow the direction while you shave.

Carrying a dashing beard look or clean shaved look is not the result of a quick shave. It takes a good daily routine of taking care of your skin every day. Stay updated with your shaving tools and the quality of the products you use. Have a skincare routine that you can follow every day and carry the look you always desired.

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