Do Women Like Men With Beard?

Men With Beard

Beard seems to forever stay in news and we can't get enough of it. It simply never goes out of fashion. There may not be a perfect answer to the question, 'if women like men with a beard' a decade ago, but luckily we have an answer today. Many studies and surveys suggest that women like men with facial hairs. So, men with beards can rejoice. However, there is no answer for the perfect beard length and it has to be your personal choice.

What Has Changed?

Beard trends and related psychology has changed over time and cultures. Initially, the beard was a symbol of age, maturity, sophistication, and pride. Beard added masculinity on the face which has always been adored by women. The matured face with thick jaw lines instilled a sense of physical and social security in women.

Today, society is composed of self-sufficient women who do not view men as the provider of social security. Next, men's fashion came into the picture but men still chose to be clean-shaven to look young. As of today, the fashion industry is becoming smitten by every naturally grown hair on the body, even underarms. The beard is finding its way into trends and hearts. Age and masculinity are just one aspect and a beard is all about carrying oneself. Women still take long grown beards as a sign of maturity but that does not influence their liking for shorter beards.

We can say, once upon a time the beard was untidy and full of germs, but hey! we are absolutely over that time. We don’t relate beard with pride and masculinity anymore. Instead, the beard can be seen on the youngest men who just started getting beards. The rapidly growing men's fashion industry has introduced many accessories for men to maintain a beard. Men have started grooming their beards as women find well-maintained beards more attractive than good looks with an unkempt beard.

A well-kept and managed beard sends out the communication of being an organized and responsible man which every woman would like to partner with. Check Ballistic Beard care products from zlade here.

Changing Mindset

The movie superstars have never shied away from sporting the beard at every age. Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp are some of the celebrities who have become the poster boy for beard looks. David Beckham, the world-famous footballer also kept a beard and we all witnessed the trend that followed.

Studies suggest that most women like to link a beard to maturity in older men. They would go for bearded men when it's time to get married or start a family. Beards send out the vibration of long-term commitment and sensuality which instantly strikes with women.

Should You Keep A Beard?

Beard is the new sex appeal in the town and if you have not entered the bandwagon, then maybe you should do it now. The greatest part of the entire discussion is that you have an uncountable number of beard styles to choose from. You can study your face, your jawline, and try the beard style that suits you. And here comes the alert!!

Keep your beard clean and maintained. Besides adding to your look, your bead should be clean and soft in touch. Shave your beard with precision to create the right impact. Personal hygiene with a beard is of utmost importance as facial hair is the first thing that someone might notice about you.

So, be crisp and to the point in making your first impression with a well-kept beard. This is the perfect time to experiment with a beard with all the women yearning over it.

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