What Does Your Beard Style Say About You?

What Does Your Beard Style Say About You?

Do you know what your facial hair say about you or have you ever given a thought to it? If no, you can check out here what your beard style says about you.

As it is said, growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial. Any male with a beard actually indicates a daring image of strong, resilient, independent and keen man who is the hero for his followers. Besides looking classy and manly, your beard style also communicates a lot about personality and character. Although, not all facial hair is created equal, every style has its own distinct personality indicators, and anyone who has grown a beard knows the ultimate power of a beard in speaking volumes without uttering a word.

Here is a short guide that will provide you an insight into your personality according to the beard style you inhabit. Let us see what you beard style say about you.

1. The full-length beard style


Also known as the wild beard style from the name itself speaks volumes a person. Certainly, not many can pull off the wild beard style, but a person who is able to upkeep the style is likely to be creative and have an uncertain persona. This facial hairstyle could also be referred to as messy and unkempt, most often not acceptable at workplaces, so this could be a temporary phase for many men implying that the person could be deeply engrossed in something or going through the phase of employment or breakup in a relationship when unfortunately razors become a thing of the past.

2. The goatee style

Albeit the goatee style is slightly outdated, it is still a go-to for the commitment-phobes. This style of beard could be a temporary style as people bearing a goatee may be still figuring out their face to finally attain a style that will suit them. Very few can rock this style but those you can are no less than superstars. Or maybe if a person wants to get back to the clean shaven style, he may first experiment keeping a goatee down their near the middle of lips to figure out.

3. Very light beard

To attain this look, one must trim with extreme accuracy and precision for facial perfection. Men who have light beard style can be expected to be professionals with a touch of uniqueness, more conscious when it comes to their appearance and want to be different from others. Although clean shave is something most preferred on the official front but these days even light beard is acceptable at most of the workplaces.

4. The Moustache

Men with a moustache are mostly funny and rarely take anything very seriously. The look is not an all-time favorite one in this age but earlier in around 70s the moustache took a sexual connotation. However, gradually the moustache fad has shrunk and is slightly subsiding.

5. The stubble style

Men bearing this style can be expected to have the underlying trendsetting and style-conscious fashion sense. Because of the hotshot personality of the bearer of this beard style, we can expect the bearer to be single and very good looking.

Don’t forget to maintain the beard style as it would require constant care and good quality beard trimmers from top hair trimmer brands. It can be said that not every man can have a beard style, but the ones who can are stealing the limelight these days. So choose your style today and get the best hair trimmer for men to shape the perfect kind of beard.

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