Smart Ways To Tackle Patchy Beard Growth

Smart Ways To Tackle Patchy Beard Growth

You might have started growing your beard to have a full luscious type and look your best. In that quest, you would have completely shaved your beard to let your hair grow. But hey! Will your facial hair grow as per your wish? Is one clean shave all you need to grow your beard? Your beard is composed of thousands of hair that have different growth rates. So, all the hair may not be of the same size at a particular time. You might have a patchy beard with uneven hair growth.

What are the causes for patchy beard?

1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle including your diet and stress levels primarily influence hair growth. You may have a high sodium diet which can deter your beard growth. In some cases, it can be a lack of exercise which is important to maintain the testosterone levels required for stimulating the growth of hairs.

2. Medical condition

There are medical conditions such as Alopecia Barbae which result in a patchy beard. A patchy beard can also be a result of hormonal imbalance. If you do not see any visible reason behind a patchy beard then visit a dermatologist and find out the real cause.

3. Genetics

Sometimes, you just get it from your family and nothing can be done. You definitely cannot change your genes. So, the next step is managing the patchy beard.

How to fix a patchy beard?

Now, that you have a patchy beard, let's look into ways to tackle it.

1. Find out your perfect patchy beard style

Fortunately, the men's grooming industry is blessed with numerous trends and styles such as chestnut patchy beard with mustache and La Souvarov patchy beard style.  All you need to do is find the perfect beard style for your face and make it your own.

2. Keep it short

Always keep your beard short and trimmed to avoid highlighting the bald spaces. A trimmed beard always looks classy and can be sported on any occasion.

3. Manage with uneven growth

This is going to take time but can be rewarding. You can let the hairs around the patchy areas grow long enough to cover the patches. Overall, your hair will appear to be in one shape. Use a good hair & beard trimmer & an assured good quality beard growth oil for your beard.

4. Color it

Dying your hair is one of the best solutions to hide uneven growth. All the hairs will shine alike. If the patchy areas are very small then you can use something like an eyebrow pencil to color and hide it amongst the other beard hairs.

How to fix patchy beard naturally at home?

1. Take a good diet

A good diet is highly responsible for hair growth. Vitamin B and D are known to positively influence hair growth. Include vitamin-rich sources such as fishes and eggs in your diet to have a good beard growth.

2. Exercise Daily

Exercise boosts testosterone levels which can be helpful in hair growth. You must indulge in some physical activity and exercise every day to get rid of a patchy beard.

3. Moisturize the skin

Use moisturizers or oils to moisturize your face after every wash and shave. A moisturized and hydrated skin helps in hair growth.

4. Care for your beard

You are not going to find a magic patchy beard solution in market and every solution that you find will take time to give results. You can take growth solutions such as beard growth supplements and serums. You will see a difference with regular intake.

With a little care, you can solve your patchy beard issue. Just stay confident and own the problem to take care of it.

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