Simple Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men to Try on Their Own

Simple Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men to Try on Their Own

There is a lot of buzz around hairstyles for men. Everyone loves a David Beckham but can everyone sport it? Simple hairstyles that require low maintenance and time are taking over the men’s fashion industry. We can safely say that the haircut trends for men are evolving with the look as well as the convenience. Another reason is social media. Each one of us wants to be our hairstylists. There are many simple hairstyles that we can have just with a trimmer at home.

Top Trending Hairstyles

1. Buzz cut
A buzz cut is no more the military-style haircut. Buzz cut with bold and clear contouring is a trend that’s real hot right now. The sides of the haircut can be tapered and faded to give you a clean and sharp look.

2. Wavy short quaff
With this style, you get the feel of patterned and messy hair that is very easy to maintain. The sides are shorter than the top so the entire attention is directed towards the well-styled hair waves.

3. Taper haircut
The sides are very short and the length of the hair increases gradually as we reach the crown. All you need is a nice wave from your palm to keep the top part neat and in place.

4. Crew cut
This one is simple to maintain and looks classy. The pointed, spiky hair on the crown look really cool and also make you look younger than you are!

Simple Trimmer-Cut Hairstyles

Trimmers have brought salons to our homes. Thanks to the pandemic and inspired by social media, everyone is ready to experiment with the hair. When it comes to men, the trimmer becomes an important and easy hair cutting and styling tool.

Most contemporary hair trimming tools like electric trimmers allow you to experiment a great deal with your hairstyle. Let us take a look at some easy ones you can try at home:

1. Buzz cut: It is super-easy to maintain. All you need to do is take care of the contours to make them look sharp and evenly trimmed.

2. Tapered fade: Try running the trimmers less on the crown and more as you come towards the ears. A quality trimmer can help you get the perfectly contrasting short-and-long hair look.

3. Temple fade: Do not touch the top of your head. Simply trim away the hairs on both sides.

4. High drop fades with short French crop: This looks best on men with beards and moustaches. You can trim all the hair on your face down to an equal and even size, thus making your jawline look clean and well defined.

How to cut your hair with a trimmer?

Firstly, you need to get a good trimmer. Trimmers have attachments for different lengths of hair. Look for a trimmer that allows you the flexibility to experiment with various styles and hair lengths. Wash and shampoo your hair before using a trimmer – this will enable you to get a smooth, tug-free trimming experience. Use the trimmer on longer hair to see how it works. Then you can start using the trimmer on the hair you want to shorten. Start using the trimmer from the bottom to the top. The bottom-to-top trimming process is something that is followed by barbers across the globe and for good reason. Carry out your trimming routine by using slow, small, and confident strokes against the grain. It is best to keep a sheet below to collect all the hair or do this in the bathroom sink or under the shower – but it is essential that you have a sizeable mirror in front so you can see every part of the process. You could also place a small mirror behind your head or use your phone’s front camera. In the end, you can wipe off the fallen hairs and rinse your head using a shampoo and conditioner.

Why use the Zlade Ballistic trimmer?

Zlade Ballistic trimmers are designed to give you a nick-free, tug-free, and smooth trimming experience. Thanks to its revolutionary SafeEdge technology and ceramic blades, this manscaping trimmer can be used on any body part, including your groin, chest, armpits, arms, legs, face, and of course – your head. When it comes to getting a clean and neat look, it just doesn’t get better than this full-body grooming tool. Whether you want a simple hairstyle or something complex, you can do it all with this versatile trimmer. Its ergonomic design and silicone grip enable you to maneuver it along the contours of your head, face, and body, even if you are using it for the very first time. This low-vibration, low-noise trimmer is built to handle coarse and curly hair, too.

Check out the groundbreaking Zlade Ballistic hair trimmer online and get any hairstyle you want without going to the salon!

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