6 blade razor

Pros and Cons of 6 Blade Razor

Pros and Cons of Blade Razor

Fashion for men is taking strides every day and companies are introducing new products to attract consumers. With the new year, we have entered into a new fashion game. Companies have been designing and re-designing hair products such as shaving razors to capture the larger consumer segment.

6 Blade razors for millennials

Millennials are pushing the boundaries of fashion with DIY trends. We have stepped up our expectations from single-blade razors to multi-blade types which provide something extra. This extra can be a smooth experience or an overwhelming styling experience.

All of us want to look well-groomed and a beard can let us look stylish any time. With no compromise in our daily style quotient, we are stepping up our fashion game with trendy multiple blade razors and trimmers. Gone are the days when salons were the only place to get the latest styles. Easy-to-use razors are making life easy and any style can be copied instantly at home.

Men's razor segment is progressing at lightning speed and new razor blades with better technology and experience are entering the market every day. 6 blade razor is the latest entrant in the 'best men's razor category' and is already hype. While you can be blown away by some of the reviews, going ahead and purchasing it in the name of 'best razor blade for men' will not be the best move. It is a great razor to use but then it has some negative points as well. It is better to evaluate the pros and cons before spending money on it. Let's take a look.

Pros of using 6 blade razor

  1. Smooth single stroke shave
    6 blade razor is gaining popularity as one of the best razors for men as it allows you to have a smooth shaving experience. With the blades positioned really close, the amount of skin bulging between them is very less which allows a better shaving experience. The safety trimmer in the 6 blade razor lets you trim off the slightest growth at hard-to-reach spots.
  2. Fewer cuts and nicks
    What would you think with the word razor? Many of you might associate cuts with it as it is very common. Well! not anymore. The closely placed blades of 6 blade razors give you a smooth and safe shaving experience. If you are someone always in a hurry then you should get one of the razors. Shave effortlessly and get the cleanest look.
  3. Ease of Use
    6 blade razor is a clear winner when it comes to ease of Use. Why? Because it not only provides you with the precision in shaving and trimming but also assures no left out ingrown and small hair that you generally observe in bright light and then shave the area. You also need not worry about the lubrication and moisturizing your skin aftershave. Within few strokes of the 6 blade razor, you are done with everything.
  4. 2-in-1 solution
    Are you planning to sport a new beard look? It is time you cancel your salon appointment and get home a permanent beard dresser, your 6 blade razor. The 6 very closely placed blades shave off the smallest undergrowth of hair. It leaves behind a very clean shaved look. 6 blade razor acts as a razor and a beard styler. This makes it a very cost-effective tool for you.

Cons of 6 blade razor

  1. High cost
    6 blade razor loses the battle when it comes to affordability. Not everyone wants to go extravagant with a great experience in shaving. It is costlier than the other regular options. Men who are not into styling may not prefer to have a 6 blade razor. From single-blade to multi-blade razors, there are many cheaper options in the market.
  2. Portability and availability
    Suppose, you have gone out on a vacation and forgot your razor or the cartridge. Finding a 6 blade razor around in the local shops may not be a possibility. It is taken as a luxury and is not available everywhere. Carrying the razor for travel is another aspect that you need to think about. If you are looking to purchase 6 blade razor ahead of any vacation then think again.


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