13 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Beard

13 Cool Hairstyles for Men with Beard

hairstyles for men with beard

Beard is for everyone. As soon as men start growing a beard, they start looking for options to style it with hair gels, trimmers and other products. If you are looking forward to getting all the attention with your beard, then hairstyle is something you can focus on.

Here is the list of 13 cool haircuts for a bearded face.  

  • Cool spiky hairstyle with beard
  • The top of the head is all spikes and as you get down from both sides towards the neck, you come across a mid fade and then a beard. This can be a very cool hairstyle for boys. 

  • Long fringe crop haircut
  • Fades on the sides and long hairs in the crown, combed all forward to backwards create a class. It is an easy hairstyle for men with a beard. 

  • Flat top shaping with the beard
  • Get a change with a flat top on the hair and a connected or disconnected beard to look top-notch and grand. You definitely need to spend some to maintain the look. 

  • Undercut hair
  • Side fades with scissor cut hairs look very cool when kept loose. The beard can be small or mid-length, anything that goes with the hair on the crown. Overall, it gives a very casual appeal. 

  • Burst fade and shape up hairstyle
  • Side bursts with carefully shaped hairs on the crown look great with a beard. You can try it with a trimmed French beard. It is a cool hairstyle for every age. 

  • Bro flow
  • It just never goes out of fashion and looks great with a beard. Try styling this hairstyle with an Indian beard and see the magic. It creates a very desi yet classy charm.

  • Ginger rugged hair
  • It doesn’t really need a salon to get this look. You can sport a messy look with your beard, or comb all the hairs back for a stylish look. 

  • Side-swept quaff
  • You need to have good hair growth. A good volume of hair is left uncut and combed towards one of the sides. A thick beard gels well with it. You can even create waves with the long hair and invent a style of your own. 

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  • Topknot hairstyle
  • Pump out the hairstylist within you to sport this chick and cool look. Long crown hairs tied in a knot at the top of the head and the sides cleanly trimmed, give out a super cool look. 

  • Man bun
  • Who hasn’t heard of it? Evergreen for ages, a bun with a beard is a hairstyle for every age. Simple brushing and tying the hair into a bun makes you look sophisticated and yet casual.

  • Short curls
  • A sought-after short hairstyle for men with beards, short curls are for men with curly hair. Short curls on the head and a medium lengthy beard are all you need to step out. 

  • Simple side-parted hair
  • We just cannot ignore this Ryan Gosling style where the side-parted hair and beard make a perfect match. You can experiment with a different look with different hair lengths. 

  • Faux Hawk
  • The edgy and rugged look with a medium or short beard will make you look like a rock star. You can highlight the hairs in different colours and shades to give it a unique touch. 

    Whichever hairstyle you choose, make sure you keep them clean and maintained. You can use Zlade Ballistic products to effortlessly create most of these beard looks. Visit our website to explore the exclusive range of men’s shaving products. Get hands-on with a quality Zlade Ballistic trimmer today to effortlessly redefine your look.

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