How To Get A Perfect Clean Shave?

How To Get A Perfect Clean Shave

Beards are back in fashion with many styles. The global acceptance of beard as a style quotient has further increased its popularity. However, this new wave of sporting facial hair cannot outclass the clean-shaven look. Clean-shaven men look classy at every age. Men's fashion is at a new peak with men taking skincare and grooming very seriously. They are indulging in self-care which is boosting the men's fashion market. 

Besides being a trend in itself, a clean shave also marks the beginning of a new beard style. Having a clean shave is not an art but still, men commit some mistakes that result in cuts and skin irritation. There can be redness and patches on the face which are visible on a clean-shaven face. There are many aspects such as using a good razor, and aftershave to have a clean and chiseled look after a clean shave. 

How to get a clean shave?

1. Warm up your face

Shaving is done best on a moist and soft beard. Warm-up your face for the shave by washing it with warm water. It softens the skin and hair on the face. The pores of the skin also open and add to a great shaving experience.

2. Use shaving base

The lather is important to have a smooth shave. Use any of the shaving bases from shaving cream, shaving gel, and shaving foam to lather your face before clean shaving. People with sensitive skin should especially use these products to avoid any kind of skin irritation after a shave. Try this Zlade Essentials All Natural Clear Shave Gel (Foamless) for the best shaving experience.

3. Shave carefully

Choosing a good razor is important for a good shave. Use the razor with a sharp blade. Carefully, shave the beard with the direction of the hair growth in mind. Sensitive skin demands extra care. A shaving razor with an attached lubricating strip is a good choice in such cases. Once you rinse, observe the hair growth. Go for a second shave for a clean look. Razors with multiple closely placed blades are available in the market today to give a chiseled look only after one shave. Check the Zlade Armour III Readyshaver, Triple Blade Disposable Shaving Razor for Men

4. Apply aftershave

A good aftershave lotion or cream is important to be used after using the razor. An aftershave product has multiple benefits. It cools the skin which is left irritated after the shave. It also closes the pores of the skin which has high susceptibility to trapping dirt and bacteria which can give way to acne and other skin-related issues. 

5. Treat the cuts and bumps

Examine your face to find the cuts and bumps that might have developed after the shave. If left untreated, they might grow into bigger skin problems. Apply appropriate antiseptic creams and let the would heal.

Tips for a great clean shave

Here are some of the essential tips you can follow for a great shaving experience. 

  • Shave after a few minutes of taking a bath. The skin and hair are moist that helps in getting a great shave. 
  • Exfoliate the skin to scrub away dead skin cells before a shave to get a sharp shave.
  • Use hot water before shaving to open the pores of the skin and rinse the skin with cold water after shaving to close the pores and cool the skin. 
  • Change the razor blade after a few use and use only sharp blades for shaving your beard. This will ensure good hygiene along with a great finish. 

Shave Map

Follow this Shave Map that will help you in smooth shaving


A perfect clean shave is a good start for any kind of beard style. Follow these tips to have a great shaving experience after every shave.

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