Zlade Ballistic Lite Plus Full Body Trimmer for Men

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🚿 IPX-7 rated fully waterproof body
⚡ 90 minutes rapid charging
⌛ 1 hour runtime on a single charge
🥎 Ideal for your balls, body, beard & more
🛡️ SafeEdge tech that promises no nicks or cuts
🫶 Designed to improve your dating & mating life


Equipped with the revolutionary SafeEdge technology, the trimmer's soft ceramic blade cuts through your body hair effortlessly. No nicks, no cuts, no ifs, no buts!


You need the right tools for an ultra-smooth below-the-belt grooming or "MANSCAPING" (man + landscaping) experience unless you want a bloodbath... and we have just the perfect thing for you!


Our full-body manscaping trimmer is IPX7 rated, meaning you can literally use it under the shower or in the bathtub and clean the blades under running tap water. Go on, make a splash!

Give your balls the respect they deserve with the all-new rechargeable Zlade Ballistic Lite Plus manscaping trimmer! Another one in the illustrious line of body trimmers designed to be smooth, safe, and precise, the new Lite Plus trimmer for men promises the best bang for your buck.

Equipped with the revolutionary SafeEdge tech and soft ceramic blades, this men's full-body trimmer cuts through every type of dry or wet hair efficiently without hurting your skin. With two convenient length adjustment attachments, you can now remove, trim, shape, or style your body hair and facial hair exactly the way you want. This fully waterproof trimmer is ideal for usage on your groin, underarms, arms, legs, chest, back, head, and face. Lite Plus is a "full-body trimmer" in every sense of the term indeed!


Standout Features:
  • • 2 adjustable length guide combs 
  • • 7 length settings (0.5 mm, 2/3/4 mm, 5/6/7 mm)
  • • Fast charging (USB-C cable) 
  • • 1 hour runtime on a single charge
  • • Soft ceramic blades that cut your hair, not your skin
  • • Angled steel blades to prevent tugging and pulling
  • • IPX-7 rated fully waterproof body
  • • LED "pathfinder" light to help you navigate tricky terrain 
  • • Ideal for trimming pubic hair, body hair, and beard


How to Use:
  • • Make sure the trimmer is fully charged.
  • • Attach your preferred length guide comb.
  • • Press the start button to turn the device on.
  • • Always keep the ceramic blade side facing upwards.
  • • Stretch your skin flat to prevent nicks, cuts, tugs, and pulls.
  • • Use short, confident strokes against the grain. 
  • • Switch the device off after usage.
  • • You can wash the trimmer under running water to clean it.
  • • Store the trimmer in a cool, dry place. 

Customer Reviews

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Harsh Patel

Excellent product. It’s works well !

Best waterproof trimmer in the market!

I bought this after looking at their ad online and decided to give it a try. It's good for your balls and other sensitive body parts. Best part is it is waterproof so you can use without worrying and also wash it to keep it clean. Battery is also good, so far I have used it 3 times and still no signs of low battery.

Great economical trimmer for body hair trimming!

This is a great trimmer at this price point, hands down better than all other options in the market. It also has 2 comb attachments so you can trim the beard as well and obviously great for body and pubic hair. Overall 5 stars!

Amazing upgrade to the Lite Trimmer

I have been using the Zlade Lite trimmer which runs on AAA batteries and I recently upgraded to the Lite Plus which is a rechargeable version. These trimmers are great value for money, now I have both battery powered and rechargeable versions and I use 1 for traveling and 1 for my regular use. As usual the cutting effect of this trimmer is great and it gives a cut free trim in your private parts. Best part is we can charge it with USB C cable and it fully charges in 1 hour where as my old beard trimmer takes 6 hours to charge! I recommend this product to every man, just go get a Zlade!


The trimmer is good.. very smooth.. no cuts anywhere