• Can Men Use Women’s Facial Care Products?

    Can Men Use Women’s Facial Care Products?
    The skin care market is flooded with new products and we keep thinking about which one to choose? Also, we first find out if the product is for men or women. Only then do we think about purchasing something. But can we categorize every skincare product based on gender? The main question is, “Are skincare products unisex”? Male Vs. Female Products For decades we...
  • Secrets Of Applying Hair Wax

    Secrets Of Applying Hair Wax
    In general, we all know how to apply wax to hair. But do you get the same or best results every time? There are secret tips that will help you get the best hairstyle using the minimum quantity of wax. We are sharing the industry secrets of using hair wax for men to help you scale your style quotient. Keep it small at the...
  • 5 Misconceptions About Styling Your Hair With Wax

    Hair waxes have been the trend for a long. Despite its popularity, many of us refrain from purchasing it. There are many hair styling wax misconceptions that we relate to. We often think about hair wax side effects and let go of our wish to style our hair. But is all the knowledge true? Can we use hair wax daily? Are there some side...
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