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5 Most Common Shaving Mistakes Men Make

Common Shaving Mistakes Men Make

You’re not alone, we all do it. You pick up your razor for a quick morning shave and end up with unattractive nicks and cuts. It is annoying and almost every man goes through it. Knowing your problem with shaving and your curiosity to avoid making mistakes while shaving, we have listed a few very common shaving mistakes men make while shaving at home and how to avoid those mistakes in future.

1. Using The Wrong Type Of Razor

shaving mistake: wrong blade

The most common mistake that men make is choosing the wrong type of razor; this may be due to the fact that there are so many different brands in the market claiming to sell the best razor for men. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to choose the best for your skin. The tip is to know what suits your skin and spending a few extra pennies to get a quality razor rather than buying a cheap one. To avoid cuts, burns, or irritation, you must try Zlade 4 blade.

2. Not Preparing Your Skin Before Shaving

shaving mistake: Not Preparing Your Skin Before Shaving

One of the main causes of skin irritation while shaving is, trimming off hair when they are still stiff. When your hairs are not soft the blade tugs at the follicles so brutally from the root, which can cause bleeding and lead to irritation on the skin. Splashing cold water before shaving will not help your hair become soft instead a hot towel treatment is fully supple and makes shave a easy victory.

3. Rushing Through The Process

shaving mistake Rushing Through The Process

Shaving is process and needs proper time. To be pro at it and to avoid the most common shaving mistakes, just give a few minutes extra for the perfect shave.


Some men try to rush through the shaving process, and feel it would be convenient to do it quickly. But, they are certainly missing on the fact that they cannot get a close, perfect shave till the time they devote a few minutes extra to complete the process thoroughly.

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4. Shaving Against The Grain

shaving mistake : Shaving Against The Grain

Shaving in the direction of your hair growth is the key to avoid irritation, nicks and cuts on your skin. Some men are used to shaving against the grain because while using trimmers they often do it in the similar manner. But when with a razor, you need to be extra careful and hairs get tugged unnaturally, leaving shaving lumps and redness. Moving along the grain is a tip for pro-shaver who want smoother and closer shave.

5. Neglecting Post-Shave Care

shaving mistake : Neglecting Post-Shave Care

Once you’ve finished shaving, skipping aftercare is not advisable. You’ve just dragged a sharp blade across your face, this may cause in momentary redness or rashes on the face, therefore rushing to the door immediately after completing the process may trigger irritation or other skin problems.

To avoid any such problem, you should always finish up with a cool after shaving cream to rehydrate damaged skin and moisturize your skin to feel smooth. Spending a minute for aftercare could make all the difference in ensuring your shave is perfect than ever.

Final Word


Following the aforementioned tips to avoid some of the most common shaving mistakes would give you an effective shave and save you some blood.

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