Zlade Ballistic Lite Body and Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer Combo

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Looking for a full-body hair removal solution that takes care of all your excessive hair? We have just the perfect combo for you! Zlade Ballistic presents a hair removal combo pack that includes two unique products - a full-body trimmer and a nose-and-ear-hair trimmer:

1. Zlade Ballistic Lite is a full-body manscaping trimmer that keeps you smooth down there, thanks to its revolutionary SafeEdge tech and soft ceramic blades. With a powerful motor and adjustable guide comb, you can trim down all your excess body hair down to a bare minimum. Sleek, compact, AAA battery-operated, and fully waterproof, this trimmer can be used on even the most sensitive body parts like your underarms, groin, chest, and face.

2. The all-new nose and ear hair trimmer by Zlade Ballistic is a pocket-sized device that runs on 1 AAA battery and enables you to easily and safely trim any hair protruding out of your ears and nasal cavity. Low-vibration, low-noise, and fully waterproof, this little pocket rocket is a must-have for men who love being well-groomed.

Shop this unique trimmer combo and march on towards grooming greatness!

Customer Reviews

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Travel-friendly Grooming Essential!

The Zlade Ballistic Lite Trimmer Combo is my new travel buddy. The body trimmer handles all my grooming needs with ease, and the nose trimmer is a compact hero in its own right. The use of AAA batteries is a game-changer for those on the move. It's efficient, easy to carry, and a reliable solution for staying groomed wherever life takes you. Zlade Lite – a travel-friendly grooming essential!

शानदार ट्रिमर

यह ट्रिमर सिर्फ आपके दाढ़ी के बाल काटता ही नहीं है, बल्कि आपके शरीर के बालों को भी किसी कट के बिना काटता है। नाक का ट्रिमर भी मेरे ग्रूमिंग किट में एक बहुत उपयुक्त टूल है। मैं इसे सभी अपने दोस्तों को सुझाता हूँ। कृपया जाएं और Zlade खरीदें।

Worth It!

Happy with the purchase, so many reason to like it the most.
Design and Build Quality,
Attachments and Accessories,
Battery Life,
Water Resistance,
Low Maintenance,
Safety Features,
and So on....

Cool products

One of the best purchases for me in 2023, the Lite and Nose trimmer from Zlade are lifesavers! Now groom your body at home effrtlessly! Both these trimmers runs on cell batteries and they dont need to be charged, which is very convenient as I always find my other trimmer to be out of charge whenever I have to use it. The Lite trimmer can be used on the intimate parts without fear and nose trimmer for nose hair, both are very efficient and safe to use. Thanks Zlade!

Philip Kinny
Zlade hair trimmer

Very efficient and useful

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