Zlade HyperGlide5 Advanced Shaving System for Men - 1 Razor Handle + 4 Cartridges

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Ashwani Sharma

I don't have anything to say about the quality of blades because if I am reordering blades, that means I am fully satisfied else I would have changed the brand long ago. BUT I HAVE TO ASK YOU WHY CAN'T YOU HAVE SEPARATE PACKAGES FOR BLADES + RAZOR AND ONLY BLADES. Regular ZLADE users already have 4-5 Razors and they don't need more razors. You are only harming the environment by forcing more plastic on your customers. HENCE KINDLY HAVE PACKAGE OF ONLY BLADES WITHOUT RAZOR. Thanks

Jahir Mohamed
Very Good Product.

Congrats team zlade for a very good product. This is my second purchase of zlade.
I am a daily shaver, using your zlade razor mixed with some other razors.
Your zlade 5 is still in use after 120 days. Very Good. Keep it up.
Rather, I wish to tell my opinion in this regard.

Razor handle, cartridge cost is equivalent to the German giant Gillette. As you are giving a very good product, reduce some considerable cost to reach more middle class people.

Secondly, frequently give offers on some occasions like Amazon great Indian sale, Diwali, Pongal, new year to popularize more.

Give some offers/combo offers and popularize in telegram marketing channels.
I used let's shave Korean brand, Kloze etc.,

Comparing to some brands, your product is very much satisfying and popularize frequently.
This is my suggestion only.
Thanks again team zlade....

Perfect Shave

Zlade is the perfect one for perfect shave…

Sunil Kshirsagar
Great shave

Excellent razor with blade. Enjoy shaving.

Terrence Craig

Zlade HyperGlide5 Advanced Shaving System for Men - 1 Razor Handle + 4 Cartridges