men grooming habits

10 Men's Grooming Habits Women Hate

Men's Grooming Habits

Hello, you modern guys out there! You have come a long way by maintaining proper hygiene and personal care standards, we salute you for this. But there are some truly disgusting grooming habits that I would like to point out here. Well, do get them off your list and become a personal care icon.

1. Overgrown nails

One of the most unpleasant things about men’s grooming habits that rank the list is their overgrown nails. You do not need to get your nails manicure every week but for sure you can spend few minutes from your hectic schedule cutting off your shabby toes and hands nails.

2. Overloaded Deodorant

Overloaded Deodorant

Fellas if you are using strong deodorants please for god sake switch to perfumes for your skin health. Perfumes are more long-lasting. Men usually overload themselves with pungent deodorants which eventually pokes our noes when they pass by. Do make sure that you are wearing the fragrance, not vice versa. If you are heading for a dinner date opt for floral fragrance. Choose perfumes as per the occasion.

3. Manscaping

Well, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that if you want hairless-self, make sure you get yourself waxed or shaved on regular basis. If you do not want to get rid of your body hair then let them be the way they are. It’s not good to be pokily funny either get them all off or just let them be. Many women don’t promote manscaping. But it is all about your way of living.

4. Nose and ear hair

You really gotta trim your hair in these places. Trust me no woman in the world would like to see a man with nose and ear hair peeping out, it makes you feel like back to the stone age era. So pamper yourself and get unwanted hair off yourself or with help of your better half.

5. Weird beard styles

The chinstrap beard look or the soul patch beard is quite unpleasant. Women are in love with a person having a full beard. And if you wanna get rid of all the hair please go for it. Well trimmed beard is more likable and if you are one of the November guys then do get your beard groomed in the starting itself.

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6. Skin Type

Most of the time men tend to use the wrong products on the skin and skip the essential part of moisturizing their skin. Nobody likes a person with rough skin, so don’t forget to moisturize. Prefer using the smooth but not greasy moisturizer with built-in SPF to protect you from harmful UV rays.

7. Men brows

Men brows

Brow game has always been nailed by women than men. You don’t need to pluck and shape your brows as women do but you can’t even let them turn out into a dense forest. If you want to shape them a bit then you can split your brows with less gap not more than your thumb. Plucking your brows to shape them isn't a bad move and neither is shaving them all of.

8. Hairy back

Body hair is normal but the part which is mostly hated by women is the furry hair on the back. So you must go for back wax which is less painful.

9. Body Odor

Sweating is common among everyone but cannot be an excuse for body odor. This is something you have to take more care of as it says a lot about your hygiene routine. To get rid of body odor use shower gel with PH balance, use aluminum-based perfumes to reduce the sweat, and opt for loose natural fibers or breathable cotton clothes.

10. Not using a shower gel

Not using a shower gel

Women hate this part a lot, the soap which you guys use on your face, on your ass, and the entire body is bad. Stick to shower gel for more hygiene.

The grooming habits aren’t rocket science, you just got to inculcate them in your daily lifestyle routine. Trust me there is nothing as sexy as a well-groomed man. Well, changing times and trends have taken grooming to the highest level of perfection where appearance is given more importance than anything else. As it is said - your first impression is your last impression.

So level up guys!

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